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 TuTsModding / Connor - Info

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PostSubject: TuTsModding / Connor - Info   Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:41 am

Hey Everyone , my name is Connor (Most people know me as TuTsModding though)

Im 15 years old and will be 16 in july 14th 1996.. i love to make videos with my friends and be a completed Retard most of the time.. and if im not making videos or being a retard .. im talking with my Lovley GirlFriend Candace , who will hopefully be in the videos too at some point.

I used to smoke when i was 11 and gave up at 14 , im not much of a drinker so i only do it at a party or social.. and i have always been the same when it came to being stupid and having fun. ANIME IS THE BEST BTW!
Ive been watching anime for years now and its my Fav.. but im not going into to much detail about it ^^


Ive know sam the cat , TheMaster , Mrwamster ever since i was born .. so i can tell u that we are all friends and not fake in anyway
Soon i am hoping they will all make their own Info about themselfs , if they dont then i will for them ^^


I hope u now know me a little bit more and i suppose some of u that read this will be the same as me.. enjoy reading
P.S TuTsModding
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TuTsModding / Connor - Info
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