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 Mrwamster - (tom) info

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PostSubject: Mrwamster - (tom) info   Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:03 am

Hey everyone this is mrwamster , my real name is tom.. and i recently turned 12 on 19th of january.

I like playing games , i like making stupid videos with my mates (TuTsModding) (SamTheCat) (THEmaster) (Midnight)...
we all know each other since birth and you could say we are true best friends. we upload videos as much and as best as we can..
The first video was on New years eve , and we all decided for the new year that we would make videos for the new year.. and thats how we started Oops and fails.

So far im saving up for some anime cosplay costumes.. so we can begin making those.. and in a few days time. we are making a Ooops and fails Paintball special.

Thank you everyone for reading Mrwamsters Info and story
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Mrwamster - (tom) info
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