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 How Ooops And Fails was Founded

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PostSubject: How Ooops And Fails was Founded   Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:34 am

Hey everyone , i guessing u are here to find out how Ooops and Fails was made.. Well Me and my friends was all at an New Years Eve Party.. after about 4 hours of us all partying our heads off , we decided to make a video

Which was our Random Inside house jackass video.. then after we uploaded it and saw it was funny.. we all decided for our New years resolution . would be to make funny video series , we wasn't sure on the Exact name to use.. and then we came up with "Ooops And Fails"

We have currently made 4 episodes and we plan on making bigger and more funy videos as the years go on.. and that was how Ooops and Fails was made.

We hope u enjoy every second of every video we make.

P.S TuTsModding
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How Ooops And Fails was Founded
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